Monday, August 29, 2011

How to Root the HTC Evo Shift 4G

Sprint blocks their forums from viewing by non-logged-in users; this same information is posted at:

But you probably can't view it. Here it is reposted: How to root the HTC Evo Shift 4G.

You need the JDK installed:

The Android SDK installed:

And the HTC Sync software installed: (scroll down to HTC Sync for all HTC Android phones and click Download)

Now follow these instructions:

You'll need to cd into the directory where the Android SDK was installed, and then into the platform-tools directory inside that, in order to run adb and perform the other commands they ask you to run. You also need to move the 3 files they tell you to download into platform-tools (or, reference the path you downloaded them to in the commands you run - adb push).

This works on the current version as of this posting Aug 27, 2011: Android 2.3.3, but is unlikely to work in a future OTA update if there is one. Note that this only gives you temporary root but that's all you need to wipe out built-in apps you don't want. Note also that other temp root solutions like Visionary and permanent root solutions like ShiftRR will not work. Only the method linked to above will work on this latest OTA.

You can easily delete built-in apps while rooted by installing ES File Explorer from the Market (it's free), then go into Menu>Settings and check Root Explorer, then check Mount File System. Then browse to /system/app (you may need to change Home Directory to / instead of /sdcard to get to it). Press and hold on built-in apps you don't want, then tap Delete.

I deleted Amazon MP3, Nascar, NFL ("sfl-prod-release.apk"), Sprint Navigator, Sprint TV, and Swype (so I could install the latest). I doubt it's smart to get rid of the annoying Sprint Zone app because it appears to be how PRL updates etc get onto the phone.

You can prevent future OTA updates from putting all these apps back on by tapping Menu>Settings>Software Updates>HTC software update and uncheck Scheduled check. You can always explicitly ask for an OTA update if you want by coming back to this screen and tapping Check now.

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